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St. Joseph's Academy

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Las Pinas, Philippines

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Student Voice, Global Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship, Project-based Learning

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Climate action


St. Joseph's Academy is a parochial school situated at the heart of Las Piñas in the Parish of St. Joseph. The Parish of St. Joseph was established by the CICM Belgian missionary priests in 1913 with Fr. Jose Van Runckelen as the parish priest. In 1914, Fr. Victor Faniel, also a CICM missionary conceived of establishing an elementary school in Las Piñas, the primary objective of which was to foster literacy in the parish community. Seeing the success of the first operational years and realizing the urgency of complete elementary education, the priests sought from the government recognition and authority to operate and offer complete elementary education on July 27, 1916. St. Joseph's School then became the first Catholic private elementary school in Las Piñas and its neighboring towns.